When I first started working with this startup, they had no brand materials. There was a white logo typed onto a vivid blue background, created in Word. Occasionally this blue wordmark was paired with neon orange buttons. Taking this, I've developed a harmonious color scheme, brand fonts with specific type use, icon language and a general style of web page layouts. 

All visual & illustrative assets were developed by myself. 

AppSheet Brand Guidelines v3.jpg




Email Templates

I created a set of mail templates in Mailchimp & Hubspot, the latter required front end coding to implement. 


Within the app platform itself, the website, or the product, AppSheet uses a ton of icons. This is just the beginning of replacing and unify their multiple sets. 

Various Sales Materials

Enterprise Pricing Line (front end coding)

A series of assets created for the release of the Enterprise Pricing Plan. I front-end developed the landing pages in HubSpot.

Various Assets

Platform - Alert Screen Designs


Homepage Redesign

Partner Page Redesign


Pricing Page Redesign